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Friday, January 13, 2012


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Photo Crop Editor is an Interactive Photo Editor software for selecting and removing an object in a picture or photograph from its background. The user can then compose the result on a different background to create a new scene. Interactive Photo Editor works even if foreground and background colors are similar.

Interactive Photo Editor consisting of three steps:
1. Object marking:
In this first, coarse step the user quickly identifies the object of interest by marking quick mouse strokes, using left-click for foreground and right-click for background. The software will lookup object boundary automatically.
2. Boundary editing:
In the refinement step, the user can edit a boundary directly.
3. The final step extracts the cut out object and compose it onto new background.


caranya gampang :

1. pilh background yg di sukai or di pilih bebas, mo warna, pemandangan, tekstur, dsb

2. klik "image" pilih foto or gambar yang mau di edit

3. klik "Quick Crop" trus tekan mouse klik kiri pada gambar/foto yang akan di crop, asal aja... (akan tampak garis merah)

4. terus tekan mouse klik kanan pada gambar yang akan di buang / diluar foto/ background yg mo diganti (akan tampak garis hijau)

5. akan tampak garis putus - putus, di liat dulu sdh sesuai blm dengan crop fotonya, klau blm coret2 aja dimana yg blm pas biar pas, klau sudah langsung aja klik "crop & Quick"

6. beres dah, tinggal save.

kalau blm paham & mengerti silahkan ulangi dan hayati sekali lagi... hehehe pisss

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