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Saturday, June 25, 2011

PCKeys, use your PC keyboard to control your BB with Pop-ups and more!

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I've been trying to come up with a way to describe this app. Many of you will be familiar with my app Leave It On Leave It On - Utilities BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store that is where the idea came from originally. I wanted to get notification pop-ups on my computer for everything on my device. I know there are apps out there that will do this for SMS. But PCKeys supports many of the popular apps out there. So for example, when you get a new BBM, youll get a notification in the bottom right of your computer screen.

So I wrote that, then as I was using the app myself I thought, well what if I could just use my PC keyboard to reply to a message. So the way it works is anything you type while PCKeys is active will be sent to your device. The way youll know it is active is the BB logo in the app will start spinning. When its in the background or minimized the logo stops spinning so no input will be sent to your device.

There are shortcuts to launch some of the more popular apps right within the app from your PC to save you clicking around. Also when a new message arrives you an click the popup on your PC and the app that is associated with it will launch on your BB and Pckeys will come to the front on your PC and you can start typing your reply right away.

SMS also has the option to read SMS that you have received (since app was started) and reply/start new SMSs right from the app.

Currently PCKeys ONLY works over wifi, so what that means is your BB must be connected to a wifi network which your PC is also on. This does not mean your PC has to be connected wifi, just as long as it is on the same network.

There are also some other features such as sending your PCs clipboard to your device (great for sending URLs right to your browser)

Now this app is VERY BETA.... I'll say it again... it's VERY BETA. I have only tested this app on Windows 7 with QWERTY devices. I don't know how it will function on the Storm2 or SureType device. I dont know how this will work with XP or Vista either, it should work, but hey for all I know it may not work at all But it wont screw anything up on your PC or BB.

I'm intentionally leaving out some steps to set this app up as I want to hear feedback so I can get an idea for areas I need to simplify or document better, so if you do get stuck please post and Ill help you out.

What will be helpful to me when posting feedback is if you could post your: Windows version, Device & Device OS

Installation instructions:
-Run PCKeys on your BB, it will show you your devices current IP
-Run PCKeys on your PC, enter in the device IP.

Click “Test Connection” if everything is working ok you will get a pop-up on both your PC and BB confirming.


V1.0.7 Feb 10th
-bug fixes
-networking improvements

V1.0.4 Jan 17th
- Optimizations and networking fixes
- Added icon to "Dock" window, if you have the remote dislpay window open you can dock the main display to it
- Added "quality" option to screen calibration. If you want to get a higher quality image you can set that now with the trade off of lower framerates.
- Added battery, charging and signal icons to PC App
- Clicking spinning BB logo will launch the task switcher (Keyboard devices only, wont do work on Storms)
- Scroll wheel on your mouse can now scroll up/down on your device
- PC App built against .NET framework 3.5 (previous build was 4.0) should help XP compatibility
- Misc fixes

V1.0.3 - Jan 13th
- Added remote display feature, you can now see your BB screen on your PC
- Optimizations
- Many fixes

V1.0.2 - Jan 12th
- Fix null ip address on CDMA phones
- connection improvements
- SMS list on PC app "click" fixes
- other small fixes

V1.0.1 - Initial public beta
PC EXE: (There is no setup installer yet, so just copy it somewhere and run it)
BB App:

Known issues (theres prob more I cant remember now)
- Streaming BBs screen to computer will drop occasionally, restart service will get it back
- Phone screen closes when launched from PCKeys
- Pop-ups may appear under other windows sometimes
- Long SMS messages (over 160 char) may not work
Sometimes PC App will say “connected” but may not actually be connected, use “Test Connection” or restart the app.
- Keys wont work in Groups, this is an OS/BBM bug.

-Page up/Page down keys will act as a “click”
-Home/End keys will act as “menu”
-Arrow keys will scroll.

And as always beta testers will get a free copy when released.

Also I'm looking for a better name for the app, if anyone has suggestions Ill give the persons I pick a free copy of my all my apps.

Thanks to everyone who tests.

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