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Monday, April 19, 2010

LPIC Training Videos

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LPIC   Training Videos
LPIC Training Videos | 2.33 GB
Genre: VideoTraining

The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is designed to certify competency in Linux professionals who use the operating system and its associated tools. The intention is to be distribution neutral, following the Linux Standard Base along with other relevant standards and conventions.

Linux LPIC-1 Series

02:07 LPI Series Intro
28:30 Using the command line
27:30 More command line skills
29:48 Command line skills part 3
28:20 Processes
27:58 Configuration
33:18 Installation issues
33:10 Filesystems
38:31 Package management
33:15 X windows
28:49 Kernel modules
26:29 Printing
26:20 Administrative tasks I
32:59 Administrative tasks II
42:22 Shell Scripting
36:53 Basic Networking
26:39 Network services 1
31:47 Network services 2
29:13 Basic security

Linux LPIC-2 Series

02:50 LP-2 Series Intro
32:56 The Linux Kernel: Customizing and Compiling
28:33 Boot Loaders and the Boot Process
27:13 Linux Filesystems
30:50 Samba and NFS: Sharing Files across the Network
28:00 RAID
27:42 System Maintenance
30:23 PERL Scripting
27:17 Troubleshooting Problems in Linux
28:45 Networking in Linux
30:48 The Apache Web Server
28:54 DNS and BIND
31:38 Mail and News
31:23 Network Management
28:24 SSH: Client and Server

Linux+ Series (Beginners) With 2004 Update

35:04 Introduction to Using Linux
28:14 Intro to Linux Part 2
24:34 Planning your installation
33:46 Pre-installation Hardware Considerations
29:12 Installation of Linux
36:39 Installing and Updating Software in Linux
36:12 User Administration in Linux
33:19 Administration of Filesystems and Security
36:53 Administration of Networks in Linux
34:57 Linux Essentials
33:06 Configuring Printing and File Sharing
28:24 Configuration Files and Related Topics
36:50 Maintenance of a Linux System
27:31 Troubleshooting Problems in a Linux System
29:53 Troubleshooting in Linux Part 2
23:43 Troubleshooting in Linux Part 3
25:51 Hardware Issues in Linux
25:03 More Hardware Issues in Linux
04:22 Linux+ 2004 Update Intro
16:36 Multimedia in Linux
18:06 Introduction to sed and awk
24:26 Security Issues Part 1
18:13 Security Issues Part 2
24:03 Printing and Mail
25:35 Hodgepodge: Learning to Learn Linux

Linux+ Series (Intermediate & Advanced)

07:48 Series Intro
33:55 Pre-Installation Considerations
28:36 Installation Issues Working with Hard Disks
36:43 More Installation Issues
33:16 Advanced Installation Issues
24:47 Post Installation
29:24 X windows
27:29 Window Managers and Desktop Environments
32:49 Package Management
30:30 The Linux Rescue and Recovery Process
27:13 User Administration
32:06 Groups
25:21 The Linux Kernel
26:45 The Linux Kernel Part 2
26:35 The Network File System (NFS)
31:44 Apache Web Server
28:48 Mail Services
28:57 DNS and Bind
26:42 FTP and Internet News
34:03 Shell Scripts
32:22 Introduction to Perl
31:10 Performance Monitoring
26:48 Security
24:05 Security 2

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