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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indigo Terminal Emulator 2.0.112

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Indigo Terminal Emulator v2.0.112

Indigo Terminal Emulator is a powerful terminal based communication software for telnet, and serial terminal communications. Indigo offers many tools and functions that cannot be found in competing terminal software. Indigo is a complete replacement for TELNET ® and HYPERTERM ®. Indigo also allows you to view the incoming data in multiple byte representation formats such as ASCII, DECIMAL, HEXADECIMAL, OCTAL, BINARY, or user defined custom formats.

Terminal Sessions
Indigo's primary function is for remotely communicating and monitoring terminal devices and servers.

Indigo supports the following connection methods and communications protocols:
(auto negotiation between SSH1 & SSH2)

Web Sessions
Indigo provides an integrated web browser for previewing/surfing web pages. This web browser is built in for convenience and is treated like other session windows. This integrated browser is built on Microsoft Internet Explorer technology. more information

Session Manager
Indigo contains an easy to navigate session manager dockable tool window. The session manager organizes and provides quick access for all saved Indigo sessions. All of sessions settings are stored in session files, these files are grouped and displayed in the session manger tool window. more information

Data Converter
Indigo provides two data converting utilities. First, in a terminal session, the user can select what data byte format they would like to view the incoming data in. The options are ASCII, ASCII w/ Control Codes, HEXADECIMAL, HEX w/ control codes, OCTAL, BINARY, Byte Analysis, or user customized format. Second, a data converter tool window will allow you to highlight data in a terminal session window or drag and drop ASCII data into the tool window to convert the data to a user selected data format. more information

Command Library
The command library is a tool window that allows terminal commands to be saved to and recalled from library files. To send commands from the command library you can drag and drop to the terminal command window or double click the command list item. more information

Variable Manager
The variable manager allows you to set and recall variables for use with terminal send commands. When a command is sent to the terminal session, any detected variable is replaced with the variable value from the variable manager list. more information

Command Repeater
The command repeater allow you to populate a list of commands and variables that can be set to repeat at defined intervals. The variables can also be manipulated mathematically on each cycle. This tool is particularly useful for testing equipment. more information

Command Macros
Custom command macros allow frequently used terminal session commands to be stored as menu items and hot keys. more information

Custom Data Formatting
The custom data format editor allows a customized display representation for incoming data bytes. If the terminal session is set to the "custom data format" all received bytes are converted to the custom mapping before they are displayed in the terminal session window. more information

Syntax Text Coloring
Syntax colorization can be defined for words or byte sequences that you want to stand out in the terminal data window. The syntax colorization will color all user-defined data strings in the terminal session data window. For example, you can display the text "ERROR" in red so that it is easily identifiable in the terminal session data. more information

Serial Pass Mode
Serial pass mode allows you to create a serial session that bridges two physical com ports on the computer and allows you to monitor all data transfer between the two connections. This is essentailly a serial data "sniffer". more information

Logging Session Data
Terminal session data can be logged to a local file. Each session maintains it's own log files. Indigo provides a wide variety of logging options so that it can be used for long and short term monitoring. more information

Many more features....
Line numbering, printing, pause incoming data, quick connect, reconnect, recent connection list, window state (location) save and recall, extreme configuration portability, VB-scripting, and more.


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