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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo RAR for WinRAR 2009

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Photo RAR specializes in compressing digital images because this special type of files cannot be well compressed by usual file compression utilities. Photo RAR, based on our Advanced JPEG Compressor technology is able to well compress images in many source graphic formats.It makes JPEG image files and can use WinRAR to create a RAR archive file from one or many JPEG image files. You can use Photo RAR as a standalone application as well as an add-on to WinRAR.Photo RAR can reduce file size impressively - without any loss of quality. Smaller files take less space and can be uploaded and downloaded more quickly: effectively optimize photos for faster downloading from the Web, faster e-mail smaller image files - avoiding exceeding size limits - and compress scanned documents for storage or transferal.

Photo RAR can easily change the size of your digital photos. Resize them to any specified dimension or file size you need: thumbnails, photos for a web site, auction pictures, ads, web graphics, for job tasks, etc.Rotate and crop photos, fix red eyes, add text or graphic watermarks and modify color levels, saturation, contrast or sharpness. Use advanced noise removing filters, EXIF options and more.With its ability to retain original picture quality,c is a must for processing your digital photos.
Take Photo RAR for WinRAR for a test drive to see just how useful it can be for you!

key features:
· Original picture QUALITY is preserved by our advanced, hi-end algorithms and technology
· JPEG Compression Engine wiits wide choice options and abilities easily allows you to get any JPEG file size you desire. Specially optimized for higher picture quality. Minimizes possible quality loss and / or avoids extra re-compression
· Photo editing options include rotate, crop, fix red eyes, add text or graphic watermarks, change color levels, saturation, contrast, sharpness and more. The ability to make all of these photo processing options keeping the original image quality
· Profiles considerably improve the processing of multiple images the same way. A profile contains the most important compression parameters, along wiresizing and photo correction options. You can create, save, edit and apply named profiles
· Batch processing mode lets you easily process multiple images. You can choose the profile, renaming and other options to process a selected group of photos. The optional Individual Batch Processing mode lets you make particular changes to each image from the batch

User Interface:-
· Multi-document interface allows you to work wimany images at the same time, enabling you to view and compare different compression parameters applied to either the same or different images
· Interactivity - the process of compression becomes visual, effectively trading image quality wifile size by adjusting the compressor's settings. It also offers a preview of the resulting image immediately in the result image preview window
· Easy to use and highly customizable user interface
· JPEG Compression Engine
· Target Value: File Size or Compression Ratio is a unique feature for graphic software. It allows you to create images whose file size is limited by the specified target value (in Kbytes) or compression ratio (like the "bit rate" parameter for audio files). You can easily acquire any file sizes for your JPEG's. Save your time on setting other compression related controls
· Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer is a unique feature that gives you significant flexibility in adjusting the quality of each compressed image. Its 5 bands are intended to tune compression levels applied to image details widifferent sizes (ranging from large to small)
· Compression-oriented image prefiltering helps achieve better compression/optimization results and improve the visual appearance of an image. You can choose one of five effects, change the level and radius (depth) of applying the active effect
· Separate compression sliders for Luma(intensity) and Chroma(color) channels allow you to gain better compression results and eliminate color artifacts, significantly improving the compressed image quality
· Selective image compression allows you to compress some areas of the image more or less than others. This useful feature allows you to save the highest quality for the most important parts of the image (such as faces) giving you excellent compression results
· Progressive JPEG images support allows images from the Web to be displayed at gradually improving quality as they download from the Internet or other source
· Integrity marks being inserted in the created JPEG image allow the decompression to be resumed if an image will be damaged during transmitting. This feature is extremely useful for creating images for transmission across unreliable networks
· Additional options exists for adjusting the precision of compression. This allows you to achieve the best results depending on priority: small file size or high image quality (wilarger file size)
· Viewing/Editing invisible text - signature, copyright notice or comments can be embedded in your JPEG files
· EXIF data support allows you to keep or remove EXIF data from JPEG files. The Image Information dialog displays the EXIF data

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